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As your Career Coach in London, I can help you discover a career you'll love

I believe life is too short to feel stuck in a career that just pays the bills!
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I know how confusing and overwhelming it is when you’re feeling stuck and unhappy in your job, and you don’t know what else you’d love to do. As your Career Coach in London, I can help you with

  • CLARITY & CONFIDENCE – get crystal clear and confident about making the best career choice for you – whether you want to reinvent your career or become happier and more successful in your present job

  • FOCUS & DRIVE – overcome your fears and feel driven working towards a meaningful and exciting career goal

  • ACCOUNTABILITY & ACTION PLAN – get the support and accountability needed to ensure your career goal becomes reality

I’m a Career Coach from Denmark, based in London. I live by the Danish way of life that it is not your success that will create your happiness, it’s your happiness that will create your success.

My clients are ambitious, hard-working professionals, who have realized there must be more to life than just having a job that pays the bills.

Staying stuck in a role that isn’t right sucks your energy, lowers your confidence and self-belief, and eventually leads to stress, burnout or anxiety.

I can help you get rid of your confusion and overwhelm, so you can find a career you’ll love, or make changes to your existing career.

As a result you’ll feel motivated, excited and happy again.

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“Christine has helped me out immensely. I was at a point in my career where I knew I wasn’t happy, but I didn’t know what to do about it. She helped me look at the big picture and figure out what my priorities are in my life overall, and I ended up feeling a lot more clear and confident about what to do next. I’m excited to get started on this next part of my journey & continuing to work with Christine.”

Jenifer Woerner, Project Manager at Makosi Consulting


Open-minded and inclusive – Danish origin, based in London. I have lived in 7 countries and speak 5 languages – I’m direct, pragmatic, and genuinely interested in people from all cultures and backgrounds. 

Broad perspective – I have launched 3 businesses in different fields and countries – selling luxury products in India, pioneering health food products in London, as well as providing coaching services to ambitious people worldwide. 

Transformational Results – ICF Approved Professional Coach who holds a BSc Psychology and MA Organisation Studies. I create long-term, sustained results, whereas many coaches tend to focus only on immediate apparent problems.

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If you are ambitious and want to achieve positive change, whether this means finding a more meaningful job or launching your own business, let’s talk. Together we will


We will work towards creating a life which feels more fulfilling and interesting, so you can become happier and more successful.

Sessions can be done face to face around Central or South London, (often at Vauxhall) as well as over Skype/ Zoom. 

I believe the greatest investment you can make is in yourself.

Click here to schedule your free Discovery Call today.

To your success and happiness,