Coaching Prices

Coaching Prices

I offer a free of charge, 20 min Discovery Call, which gives you the chance to learn more about how coaching works. It also means you can ask any questions you may have.

For coaching to be effective and result in real change, time, dedication and commitment to the process are important.

I offer 3 programmes:



£699 – includes 5 sessions (2 x 90 min and 3 x 60 min = 6 hours)


£999 – includes 8 sessions (2 x 90 min and 6 x 60 min = 9 hours)


£1249 – includes 12 sessions (3 x 90 min and 8 x 60 min = 12.5 hours)


Before you commit to the programme, I am happy to offer you the first session for £120.

If you feel I’m the right coach for you, you’re welcome to continue. I would then deduct the £120 from the total of £699, £999 or £1249 respectively.

Some sessions are longer depending on the exercises and discussions needed at that particular time, and I always tailor the programme 100% to fit your needs.

I also offer unlimited support over email between our sessions, to ensure you are fully supported throughout the process.

The sessions take place at Vauxhall, London, or via Zoom/ Skype (or a mix). Depending on your work commitments we can discuss meeting in other central London locations as well.