Hello, I’m Christine,  ICF Approved Professional Coach and serial entrepreneur.

I’m Danish, live in London and have previously called Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Luxemburg, India and Portugal my home. Travelling and living abroad has enabled me to speak 5 languages and given me a broad perspective on life. This has influenced my coaching style and enabled me to work with a variety of clients, many based in London, but originating from all over the world.

I studied BSc Psychology and MA Organisation Studies at Warwick University, UK, and after experiencing a year of adventure, travelling and working in India, I decided to launch my first business. This saw me immersed in the world of luxury products, and I spent 5 years buying and selling beautiful French crystal items for my clients’ mansions and yachts in India and London. My second business was an innovative snack bar called ‘Crobar’, whose aim was to promote a healthy and sustainable protein source to people in London, UK and Europe – cricket flour. That’s right, insects, you can imagine how people loved it or hated it 🙂

“I felt really motivated and inspired after talking to Christine. I didn’t really know where I was going, and she really helped me focus my mind and make things clear”

Verity Mitchell, Plan Her

I have realised the importance of pushing myself to face my fears, and believe me, I have had numerous sleepless night worrying about every small detail in my business and my personal life. In 2016 I decided to face my fear of heights, and took up rock climbing – this truly pushed me towards the edge, but the feeling when you’re 100 feet in the air, gazing over the horizon while thinking about how hard you’ve worked to get here, is indescribable.

I believe it’s super important to listen to your gut about what really gets you excited. Then STRETCH yourself, and move outside your comfort zone, which is where the magic happens. Read my article ‘Why Passion is Overrated’, which tells you what you can do if you’re still looking for what excites you, and ‘Don’t Think – DO’, if you have a habit of procrastinating because you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

I’m also a big believer in cooperation, asking for support and not being afraid to show vulnerability. Throughout my career I have had coaches and mentors help me become a better coach and a more rounded human being. I am extremely grateful to now have Michelle Lucas as my coach supervisor.

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“I used to think that not having found my one ‘true calling’ was a weakness, but now I believe that having many interests, and especially being able to explore the intersections, is a strength”


Open-minded and inclusive – Danish origin, based in London. I have lived in 7 countries and speak 5 languages – I’m direct, pragmatic, and genuinely interested in people from all cultures and backgrounds.

Broad perspective – I have launched 3 businesses in different fields and countries – selling luxury products in India, pioneering health food products in London, as well as providing coaching services to ambitious people worldwide.

Transformational Results – ICF Approved Professional Coach who holds a BSc Psychology and MA Organisation Studies. I create long-term, sustained results, whereas many coaches tend to focus only on immediate apparent problems.

“Christine is super friendly and yet makes sure the conversation is always on progressing forwards with my business. She really got to know my business inside out so that we could maximise quality working time”

Kit Oates, Photographer

Qualities and values that lie at the heart of my coaching

F – Fulfilling & Fun  

We spend most of our time working, and I wholeheartedly believe it is super important to spend your time in a career or business that genuinely interests you and gives your life meaning, no compromises. It is a great privilege to be able to do exciting work, that feels authentic and enrichens yours and other’s lives. I believe everyone should experience what it’s like to be able to follow your interests and develop them into passions, as well as working in a way that suits their chosen lifestyle.

F – Financial success 

You should be able to have, save and spend money in abundance, know what you are worth, and not be afraid to ask for it. It is important to get into the habit of saving, but it is equally important to spend your hard earned money on living an exciting and fulfilling life. Learning how to plan, organise and prioritise your money and your time is key. I believe when you’re doing a job or running a business you are passionate about, financial success will follow.

F – Fearlessness

Whether you think you can or can’t do something, you are probably right, and I will help you know that you CAN. I believe that pushing

yourself, facing your fears and doing things anyway, is something very powerful and helps you become not only stronger, but more well rounded, open minded and wiser. Learning and evolving are some of the consequences you will experience as a result of facing your fears, and both are incredibly important in your journey to be happy and successful, in business and in life.

F – Female empowerment 

Surround yourself with other people, who are equally as passionate, driven and creative as you. Asking for support when you need it, and in turn helping and genuinely caring for the wellbeing and success of others is extremely powerful, and I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today without support from peers, my mentors and my coaches. Sometimes soft spoken and caring women in business are labelled as weak, whereas others who are outspoken are labelled as bossy or arrogant. Being authentic, and being kind to yourself and to others is the most important thing in life and business.

F – Family

You CAN have a family, a successful and fulfilling career as well as time for yourself. Partners, spouses and children are top priority in life but organisational, prioritisation and time management skills can be learned, so you can have a successful, rewarding career at the same time. It is not either or.