Are you looking to excel in your life?

I'm Christine, Life Coach, based in London

I'll help you with confidence, focus, goal setting and accountability, so you can proudly achieve your goal

I know how frustrating it feels when you know you can do so much more,  but you’re struggling with problems that prevent you from performing your best.

As your Life Coach in London, I am licensed by CCS as well as Full Circle Coaching, and can help you with

  • CLARITY – get crystal clear and confident about what meaningful goal you would like to achieve

  • FOCUS – feel driven and unstoppable working towards this exciting goal

  • ACCOUNTABILITY & ACTION PLAN – get the support and accountability needed to ensure your goal becomes reality 

I’m a Life Coach from Denmark, based in London. I live by the Danish way of life that it is not your success that will create your happiness, it’s your happiness and sense of achievement that will create your success.

Having launched 3 companies, I know how to successfully achieve the goals I set myself. 

My clients are ambitious people, who want to excel and be the best they possibly can be. They want to finally achieve a big life goal such as writing a book, building a business, advancing in their field or improving relationships with people close to them. 

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“Christine understood my overall vision and thinks long-term, not just short-term. She is friendly and approachable, paying attention to detail and getting specific about what you want. She is eager to help you develop both personally and professionally”

Lisa Sabra, Founder of Telias Tutors Ltd


Open-minded and inclusive – Danish origin, based in London. I have lived in 7 countries and speak 5 languages – I’m direct, pragmatic, and genuinely interested in people from all cultures and backgrounds.

Broad perspective – I have launched 3 businesses in different fields and countries – selling luxury products in India, pioneering health food products in London, as well as providing coaching services to ambitious people worldwide.

Transformational ResultsCCS licensed & Full Circle approved Coach & Counselor who holds a BSc Psychology and MA Organisation Studies. I create long-term, sustained results, whereas many coaches tend to focus only on immediate apparent problems.

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If you are serious about creating positive change, whether this means finally succeeding at a personal goal or excelling in your career, let’s talk.

We will work towards creating a life which feels more fulfilling, more authentic and more successful.

Sessions can be done face to face if in London (Vauxhall or somewhere Central), as well as over Skype/ Zoom. 

I believe the greatest investment you can make is in yourself, so click here to schedule your free Discovery Call today.

To your success and happiness,